Day 3 Prayer Points – September 2021 Fasting & Prayer

The ROSGMI 3 days fasting and prayers for the month of September is ongoing, from 6th of September 2021 – Wednesday, 8th of September. Here are prayer points for Day 3:


1: Let’s bless God for the gift of life and journey mercies thus far. Isaiah 55:12
– Sing praises to God

2: Protections. Psm. 91:1-3
– Let’s call upon the Jehovah Nissi our banner to please continue to protect and preserves Us and our loved ones in these ember months from every form of calamities and disaster in Jesus’ name. Psm.91:6-7

3: Promotion. 1 Sam. 2:8
– Let’s call upon the Lifter of lives to please promotes Us all in this season of fruitfulness to the glory of His name. God should please lifts us above our enemies and please put an end to any forms of stagnation in our lives in Jesus’ name. Psm.3:3

4: Provisions. Gen.22:14
– Let’s call upon the Jehovah Elshaddai who is sufficient in all good things to please supply all our needs.
Pray against lack. Ask God to pay all your debt if you’re owning and that He should never allow you to beg to live anymore. Ask God to give you and everyone trusting Him for divine provisions business ideas, good jobs in Jesus name. Phil. 4:19

5: Power. Acts.1:8
– Ask God to empower you with His Holy Spirit as promised so that you can do exploits for Him and be wonderfully fruitful in your services to Him and His kingdom like the Apostles of old in Jesus’ name. Acts 2: 1-4, 41-42

6: Peace. Isa. 9:6
– Let’s pray to the Prince of Peace to please give us all round Peace in our lives, homes, churches, and nation at large in Jesus name. God should please in His infinite mercy put an end to chaos and commotions in every marriage, family, and in Nigeria.

Our father, please Speaks Peace into our lives, families, churches, and nation in Jesus’ name. Mk.4:37-40

7: Prophecies. Joel.2:28
– Begin to prophesy good things into your life, marriage, career, church, and country. Proverb 18:21
– Ask God to please fulfill speedily all His good prophecies concerning your life particularly in the area of fruitfulness in Jesus’ name. Deut. 7:14

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