Still Small Voice – Directs To Safety
On my way back from the Christmas holiday, I boarded a bus at the park but the Holy Spirit prompted me to come down from that bus and I obeyed. Not knowing the reason and without asking any question, I boarded another bus. When we were a few minutes’ drive away from entering into Lagos State,  I saw the very bus that I alighted down from involved in an accident. I bless God for His mercy, guidance and protection over me. Praise the Lord! From, Mrs Ayodele Moradeke

Deliverance from the Den of Kidnappers
On the 14th of December, 2020. I boarded a bus within Lagos and it turned out to be a kidnapper’s bus. Five of us were the victims and we were all women. To the glory of God we were set free through a divine intervention. The kidnappers told us that they don’t know why they kept having pity on us; they could have raped us but they didn’t. I was sure it was the divine intervention of God. For five days we were in the thick forest, snake didn’t bite us, and on the day they were to kill us, they set us free instead. I thank God for answering the prayers of the children of God, for His deliverance and the grace to come and testify.
From, Miss Amaka Ugwu

Deliverance from Traffic Robbers
On my way home from work I was in a thick traffic, and some guys approached my car and pointed a gun at me. One of them commanded me to roll down the glass, at this point I didn’t know where the boldness came from. I told the gang leader with authority in my voice that he has to let me go, that we are in this situation in Nigeria together; that he should go and try other vehicles behind me. To my God be the glory, he stopped following me and suddenly a way opened at the lane beside me, so I switched lanes and went home safely. This can only be God, he could have shot or broken the glass but God took control and delivered me. Praise the Lord!
From, Bro Oluseun Davids


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  • I give God the praise for giving me a three-fold testimony during the just concluded National Crusade. First, He heard my prayers and gave me a wonderful accommodation. Secondly, my son who had never talked began to talk at the crusade ground and lastly my mother reconciled with me after giving her life to Jesus Christ. Only God could have done these, Praise God! Ogunlola Titilola.


  • I bless the name of the Lord for miraculously healing my daughter of an ailment that nearly took her life, I gave her the anointed water prayed on by the Servant-Leader and instantly she received her healing, Praise God! – Theresa Augustine


  • I thank God for healing me miraculously and delivering me from ignorance and also for promoting my husband, to Him be all the glory, honour and adoration, amen. – Yemisi Olurinde


  • Praise God with me for His perfect healing in the life of my son. Shortly after I testified of how he spoke for the first time in five years after the National Crusade, He started walking to the glory of God. Our God is indeed awesome! – Titilola Ogunlola


  • I came to the crusade with expectations, believing God that I would be healed of the severe chest pain I had been experiencing for days. After prayers on the second day by the Woman of God, she gave us anointing oil to touch wherever we were believing God for healing. I did as I was told and instantly, I was totally healed. Praise God! – Bolanle Akinlabi


  • I thank God for speaking through the Servant-Leader at the March edition of our monthly prayer vigil. She said that we should receive our keys and I stretched forth my hands and received it in faith. As at that time, my mum and I were squatting and in dire need of accommodation. It was indeed a trying time for us, but during the crusade, God gave us accommodation and also gave me a make-up studio for my craft. –Omowunmi Ogunmola


  • I give God praise for healing me. I had been experiencing pain in my body for a while and one night it became unbearable. I picked up the bottled water that Servant-Leader prayed on, drank from it and also used part of it to rub my body and received my healing immediately. Praise God! – Amara O. Ibeh


  • Thanks be to God for the performance of His word in my life. I invested in a business and had been expecting the returns, but it was delayed. After prayers by the Servant-Leader at one of our Lunch Fellowships, I received a phone call telling me that all the money had been paid. To Him be all the glory, I was able to offset my bills! – Popoola


  • I praise God for seeing my daughter through nine months of pregnancy and delivering her safely of triplets, He alone is worthy of my praise. – Munirat Taiwo


  • I bless the name of God on behalf of my 5-year old daughter who had never spoken. At the last anointing service held in September, my boss suggested I come into the auditorium to be anointed. I stood in gap for my daughter and to the glory of God, she started talking the next day. Praise God! Adebusuyi Adedoyin


  • After the last vigil held in January, I boarded a bus full of kidnappers. To the glory of God and to the shame of the devil, I was let go after they discovered that all I had on me was my bible. I thank God for His faithfulness over my life, He is indeed a faithful God!


  • My wife and I had been married for seven years and were believing God for the fruit of the womb. After we were anointed by the Servant-Leader after the Lunch Hour fellowship, she asked us to believe. This really stirred our faith. Although we were believing God for financial breakthrough, little did we know that we were going to be blessed with a bouncing baby boy. Praise the Lord! Mr and Mrs. Odekeye 
  • I bless the name of the Lord for sound health. I visited a church where free medical care was given, was told that my blood pressure was very high and was advised to visit the hospital but after intense prayers at the Workers Prayer Retreat, I revisited the hospital and was told it was normal. Our God is a miracle worker! –Kehinde Fadase 
  • I give God all the glory for His total restoration in the life of my son who refused to go back to the university. It had been of serious concern to me so I met with one of the ministers at the fellowship who prayed with me and also called him. I thank God for changing his heart and making the decision to go back to school. To Him be all the glory! –Dorothy Okafor 
  • The Servant-leader made some prophesies over my life on my birthday and I felt a shift in my spirit during those proclamations. Seven days after, I was granted residence by the Canadian government which I had been expecting for a while. Secondly, the MD of a bank where I had submitted my CV years back just called me out of nowhere and offered me a job. God indeed has been so good to me! –Chris Ubong


  • During the thanksgiving of the Rose of Sharon Foundation, the Servant-Leader asked us to give and instantly I keyed into it. Two days after, I received a financial breakthrough to finish an on-going project. –Kehinde Akinola 
  • I thank God for healing me during the last anointing service, I stretched my faith and was healed, praise God. –Mrs. Rosalind Eyinla 
  • God is awesome! I attended the December anointing service with my children who were very sick, but after the Servant-Leader prayed using the anointing oil, they all received their healing. Praise God – Toyosi Sawyer


  • Praise God with me for His perfect healing in the lives of my three children who fell ill at the same time and received their healing after prayers by the Servant-Leader. God is indeed a faithful healer. Betty Shotanwa


  • Thank God for the life of my baby who was very ill. The Holy Spirit told me the Servant Leader should put anointing oil into his mouth and I obeyed. Shortly after that, He began to get better and today he is totally healed. Praise the Lord! Emmanuella Dumme

  • During the last anointing service, hand was laid on me by the Servant-Leader and miraculously, the skin problem I had been experiencing for some time vanished. Praise the Lord! Adeisan


  • I thank God for healing my eyes at the crusade, hands were laid on me and just after the hurting eye was washed with water by the Apostle, I felt better and received my healing- Esther Owolabi


  • For a while, I had been experiencing sharp pain in my right leg but after the crusade I received my healing. I even went for an x-ray and confirmed the healing- Elizabeth Ogochukwu


  • Before the crusade, I used to experience excruciating heart pain and palpitations but after the prayers on Thursday, I received my healing, God is a miracle worker! –Temilade Adio


  • Thanks be to God for the performance of His word in my life. I came to the crusade with serious body pain but after the prayers and till date, all the pains have gone. To Him be all the glory in Jesus name! – Blessing


  • I give God praise for healing me of high blood pressure at the just concluded crusade, by His Stripes I have been made whole, Praise God! Amara O. Ibe


  • God is indeed a miracle worker. The Servant-Leader prophesied during an anointing service that we will have miracle babies in our family. I danced that day believing in the pronouncement that was made and to God be the glory, my daughter-in-law got pregnant and gave birth to a set of twins. Maria Eruada


  • I give God praise for what He has done in the life of my son who was a hemp smoker. After being anointed on my hands by the Servant-Leader, I went home and laid the same hands on his head. Now he has stopped smoking and has also gotten a job, Praise the Lord! Mrs Victoria Adegbesan.


  • I thank God for healing me from diarrhoea. I keyed into the message of divine healing by the Servant-Leader and prayed to God and I was healed totally.                           Mrs Emmanuella Adoki.


  • Thanks be to God Almighty for what He’s doing in my family and for saving me from the claws of death when my ceiling caved in. Our God never disappoints! Blessing Anyeagbo.
  • Thank God for saving my son from death. A cloth fell over his face while he was sleeping at night and he could not breathe. God in His infinite mercy kept him from suffocating. I also thank God for empowerment for my son during the ROSF widows programme. Praise God! Lucy Iheanacho.


  • Our God is an awesome God! I thank God for healing me from diabetes which I have had for the past 22 years. Mrs Stella Odungogu Akwa.


  • My husband’s properties that have been confiscated for a while have been returned and secondly, my thirty-six-year-old daughter’s proposed husband has finally come for marriage. God has of a truth answered several of my prayer requests and for this I am eternally grateful. Mrs Stella Odungogu Akwa.


  • Thank God for adding another year to my life despite the angel of death’s visitation. Glory to God! Roseline Ayinda.



  • I thank God for His unending favour, an old friend called me up unexpectedly and sent me some money, I knew it could only have been God’s doing. Stella Onubogu.



  • I have been carrying a urine bag for about four years. Just before going for a test and surgery that would cost me close to seven hundred thousand naira, God stretched His hands of healing on me and today I am totally whole.
  • I thank God for healing me from diarrhoea. I keyed into the message of divine healing from the pulpit and prayed to God and I was totally healed. Mrs Emmanuella Adoki.
  • Praise God with me for divine healing from severe stomach pain. (Anonymous)
  • I thank God for divine and total healing – Princess Dania.



  • My son was kidnapped on my 70th birthday but I give God praise who did not allow me sorrow because He was released by God’s power after much prayers. Oladimeji.
  • Thank God for sustaining and preserving my mother who just turned ninety-three, to Him alone be all the glory. Giwa Benson.



  • Thank God for adding another year to my life. Cordelia Ibeabuchi.
  • Thank God for adding year to my life.



  • I give God praise for what He has done in the life of my son who was a hemp smoker. After being anointed on my hands by the Servant-Leader, I went home and laid the same hands on his head. Now he has stopped smoking and has also gotten a job, Praise the Lord! Mrs Victoria Adegbesan.
  • Praise God for delivering my son who was a chronic smoker and alcoholic. I prayed earnestly for him that he should stop and God heard my prayers, to Him be all the glory. I also thank God for giving my late son’s children shelter and who were also given scholarship. Arinola Omoseyin.



  • I bless the name of the Lord for bringing back my son who has left home for over fourteen years without communication. God indeed is a miracle worker! Mrs Cordelia Ibeabuchi.


  • Thank God for the successful completion of my PHD program despite all odds and for making me pass my examinations in flying colours, Praise God!             Mrs. Stella Awoh.
  • Thank God for the success of my daughter’s wedding and my mother’s burial, He’s indeed a faithful God. Ronke Okikiolu.
  • Thank God for the successful wedding ceremony of my son. Bolanle Odejaiye.


  • Thank God for divine provision for my son who just bought me a new car.
  • During the 21 days’ prayer and fasting period here at RoSGMI, I asked God for supernatural provision to pay my son’s school fees and He miraculously answered my prayers.
  • Thank God for providing my husband with a job. Mrs Folarin Adeola.


  • Thank God for safe delivery of another grandchild- Mrs Christiana Ihanoba.
  • God is a miracle working God. The doctor had given my daughter a report that she cannot have children but after the Servant-Leader anointed her picture, God gave her the victory. Praise God! Lady Yemisi Giwa.
  • Thank God for the safe delivery of a baby boy- Kayode Adebamiji.