Day 3 Prayer Points – October 2023 Fasting & Prayer

As we conclude our 3-day fast and prayer journey, we’re filled with gratitude for the overflow of blessings and breakthroughs that God has poured into our lives.

Today, we focus on these key areas: The Church, preservation, protection, financial breakthrough restoration, deliverance, and our Servant Leader.

We stand firm, knowing that no gate of hell shall prevail against us.


  1. Church/RoSGMI: (Matthew 16:18, Psalms 119:156)
  • O Lord, by Your great mercy, build RoSGMI and Your church to overflow. Let not the gate of hell prevail over it, in Jesus’ name.
  • Father, show us Your mercies as a Ministry. Mercy in healing, growth to the overflowing, and mercy in the abundance of the salvation of souls of men, in Jesus’ name.


  1. Preservation/Protection: (Psalms 140:4, Psalms 121:7)
  • Father, in this month of the overflow, preserve me and my loved ones from the wicked, danger, and death. Let us continually walk in the overflow of Your protection and preparation.
  • Merciful Father, protect me from evil. As an individual, protect us from death. As a Ministry, protect us from attack and evil arrows in this season of the overflow of Your mercy, in Jesus’ name.


  1. Financial Breakthrough: (Daniel 1:9, Deuteronomy 8:18)
  • O Lord, bring me into favour with the high and mighty in my place of work, industry, trade, and field for exposure. Cause financial gains to overflow in my life in Jesus’ name.
  • Heavenly Father, give me the power to get wealth and fill me with wisdom to create it in abundance of the overflow, in Jesus’ name.


  1. Servant Leader: (Revelation 22:2, Psalms 23:1)
  • Pray and declare that the land of our Servant Leader is bringing forth in plenty, and her wells are bringing forth an abundance of the overflow of clean and fresh water, in Jesus’ name.
  • Say, “Father, open the river of life to the overflow into the spirit of our Servant Leader’s mind, her body, finances, endeavours, and investments, causing the overflow and abundant harvest, in Jesus’ name”.


  1. Restoration: (Joel 2:25-26, 1 Samuel 30:8)
  • O Lord, restore my lost and wasted years according to Your promise and cause me to reap in plenty to the overflow, in Jesus’ name.
  • Decree and declare: “I possess the power to pursue, overtake, and recover my goods from spiritual Egyptians, in this month of the overflow, in the name of Jesus”.


  1. Deliverance: (Luke 10:19, John 8:36)
  • Heavenly Father, set me free and help me to break the agreement with bad habits that have been passed down from my generational line, so I can be a partaker of the overflow of Your blessings, in Jesus’ name.
  • I declare, by the authority given to me by my Father, I set myself loose from every evil spirit and stronghold holding me bound, and I begin to enjoy the overflow of God’s freedom, in the name of Jesus.


  1. Philippines 4:6

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