Day 3 Prayer Points – March 2022 Fasting & Prayer

Why should we fast? Fasting helps us develop spiritual strength and deepens our relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Welcome to the final lap of our 3 days monthly fasting and prayers for the month of March 2022.

Below are details and prayer points for day 3 of the fast.


1. Wisdom & Discernment (Isa28:29. Jos3:4.2Cor2:11)

  • Let us thank God who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in guidance.
  • Let us ask God to give us wisdom and direction in navigating this year, walking in peace and unity. For none of us has gone this way before.
  • Let us ask for wisdom to overcome pitfalls, booby traps, dangers, and potholes that the enemy has planted or may plant to cause disunity in every area of our lives.
  • Declare that we will not make haste or take rash decisions, but rather we will listen attentively to the voice and leading of the Holy Spirit in all that pertains to life from now on.
  • Let us ask God to set a guard over our mouth to speak as the wise and hear as the wise.


2. Breakthroughs (Ps84:11 Ps133:1-3. 1Cor16:9)

  • Bless the name of the Lord who through unity commands blessings upon His children which include breakthroughs.
  • Ask God to command the blessings of unity to transform barrenness to fruitfulness in every area of our lives in Jesus name.
  • By His grace, let the treasures in secret places be transferred to us as we dwell in unity in Jesus name.
  • Pray that as God unites us, every adversary standing and contending with open doors set before us, individually and collectively be silenced in Jesus name.


3. Business and Vocation (MT7:11. Ps 35:27. Job 36:11)

  • Thank God who is the source of all good things. He takes delight in the prosperity of His people.
  • Ask God to release creative power on our youths to maximize the natural endowment in Nigeria.
  • Let us ask God for the enablement to obey and serve Him as we ought to so we can receive His blessings from the work of our hands.
  • Pray that after He has blessed the works of our hands, our hearts won’t turn away from Him in pride.


4. Deliverance and Victory (Exo14:14. Isa 43:2,16. Jos5:9)

  • Thank Him for fighting our battles and keeping us alive to this moment.
  • In unity, let us declare that no fire, troubled waters, and battles of life shall consume us in Jesus name.
  • Pray that God will arise in His power and roll away every reproach of our lives in Jesus name.
  • Pray that God, the consuming fire, consumes every anti-harvest power at work in our lives in Jesus name.
  • We destroy the effect of satanic family customs, traditions, covenants, and captivity working against our progress in Jesus name.


5. Health and Healing (Acts10:38. Ps103:3. Exo23:25)

  • Thank God for His healing power that is available for his children.
  • Father, as we dwell in unity in RoSGMI, by your mercy, take away every inherited sicknesses and disease amongst us in Jesus name.
  • We destroy every yoke of sicknesses and diseases in Jesus name.
  • Let the source of any sickness in our bodies dry up by the fire of God in Jesus name.
  • Let the fire of God destroy every demonic anointing reinforcing sicknesses and afflictions in our bodies in Jesus name.
  • As we serve you and dwell in Your presence, bless our bread and take away sicknesses from us and our households in Jesus name.


6. Peace (PS122:7. Col3:15.Jn 14:27)

  • Bless Jesus, the giver of peace for being the Prince of peace in our lives.
  • As united children of God, let us ask for peace within our walls and the perimeter of our lives in Jesus name.
  • Ask that the peace of Christ guide and rule our hearts in Jesus name.


7. Personal Petitions (Jn16:24)

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