Day 3 Prayer Points – July 2022 Fasting & Prayer

Today is the last day of our 3- day spiritual exercise for the month of July. We believe that your sincere, supplication before the Lord will be rewarded, in Jesus Name.

Don’t forget to join us today physically and on zoom for prayers as we break our fast at 6 pm.

Here are prayer points for today:


1) THANKSGIVING: (Philippians 4:6-7, CHRONICLES 16:34)

  • Let’s thank God for His amazing power and works in our lives.
  • Thank Him for the month of perfect peace.
  • Thank the Lord for His blessings over us.
  • Thank the Lord for His great love and care.
  • Thank God for His sacrifice that enables us to live freely.


2) Perfect Peace: (Isaiah 26:3, Romans 15:13)

  • Let’s pray that the God of hope will keep and fill us with all joy and peace in this month of perfection in Jesus name.
  • Let’s pray that the Lord will continue to guard and protect us by His powerful peace that operates in our lives.
  • Let’s pray that God will order our steps in the path of peace and righteousness in Jesus name.


3) Mercy: (Hebrew 4:16, Exodus 20:16, Exo 15:13)

  • Let’s thank God for His goodness and mercy endures forever. Thank Him for making mercy available through Christ Jesus.
  • Father pardon my sin by the greatness of Your mercy and forgive me of all my shortcomings by the reason of the blood of Jesus Christ.
  • Father show me mercy, for Your word is my light and salvation, joy and delight in Jesus name.
  • Father cause me to enjoy and share in the abundance of Your mercy in Jesus name.


4) Victory: (1Corinthians 15:57, Deuteronomy 20:4)

  • Father turn my struggles to victory and let my enemies fall into their own traps in Jesus name.
  • Father let every evil preparation against my life be frustrated and cause my joy and blessings to be multiplied in Jesus name.
  • Blood of Jesus disconnects my life from failure at the edge of my breakthrough and cause divine favour to be my portion in Jesus name.
  • Oh Lord bind every strongman trying to bring me down and grant me divine tactics and strategies to continue to defeat and subdue the enemy in Jesus name.


5) PROVISIONS: (Psalm 34:10, Psalm 1:3, Philippians 4:19)

  • Father supply all my needs according to Your riches in glory and let me be like a tree planted by rivers of water that bears fruits in its season in Jesus name.
  • Father arise and supply the needs of my family members, do not let us lack and be in penury in Jesus name.
  • Father, I come against every want. Let me not lack good things in Jesus name.


6) NIGERIA: (Psalm 122:6-7, Psalm 147;14, Psalm 33:10-11)

  • Let’s commit our nation Nigeria into the hand of God and declare peace and tranquillity in all the states of Nigeria in Jesus name.
  • Father calm every storm in our country Nigeria and set confusion in the midst of every agent of discord slowing down unity as a nation in Jesus name.
  • Father let every power of hell working against the peace and unity of Nigeria be destroyed.
  • Every association working against the good of this nation, Lord render their works useless in Jesus name.
  • Father, we pray that You work through our leaders so that Your plan and purpose alone will come to pass in our land.
  • Father cause our leaders to submit to Your leadership and authority and let them bow to Your sovereignty in Jesus name.


7) PERSONAL PETITION: (Psalm 50:15)

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