Day 3 Prayer Points – July 2021 Fasting & Prayer

*DAY 3*
*1: Revoking Evil Covenants  Col.1:13-15*
– *Father, we stand before You today because of our legal right through our Blood covenant with Jesus. We are asking for justice because you have promised us freedom and deliverance. We acknowledge our partial bondage to the enemy.*
– *We now come with confession after which we can trust in Your divine and full cleansing.* *Some of us have allowed religion and tradition, immorality and adultery, bribery, idolatry, jealousy, drunkenness and many others to be made manifest in our lives. We ask for cleansing through the blood of Jesus.*
– *Some of us have broken the law by cheating the government in our taxes and businesses. Lord, have mercy. Cleanse us with the Blood of Your son Jesus Christ, Amen.*
*2: Blessing/Fruitfulness.* *Gen 1:25*
*Almighty God,*
– *We declare in Jesus name and by the blood of Jesus that all authority in Heaven and Earth takes over every power of the enemy to receive our blessings and  fruitfulness.*
– *Even as You have given us tongues to bless, we declare we are blessed in the city and country for multiplication.*
– *We are blessed in the fruit of our wombs. We receive divine grace to be called fathers and mothers.*
– *Through the power in the Blood of Jesus that is limitless, our coasts are enlarged now and our gates are open in Jesus name.*
3) *Marriage. Gen 2:18*
*Faithful Father,*
– *It is your desire that we Your children should replenish the earth.*
– *Daddy, many of us are still unmarried and seek life partners that are the right ones for us.*
– *Your word says we should let our desires be known to You and You will answer us.*
*Therefore Lord, we ask that through the Blood of Jesus that uplifts and empowers us, help us to find the bone of our bones, the flesh of our flesh and our Boaz and Ruths in Jesus name.*
4) *Our Journeys. Ps.121:1-8*
*Our Loving Father,*
– *We cover all the journeys that we embark on with the blood of Jesus. The journeys we make on land, water and in the air are committed into Your hands for our safety. And because we believe in the power of the shed Blood of Christ, we ask that You wrap us around with Your hands in loving kindness.*
– *We hide our journey of life in the Blood of the Lamb and declare the enemy will not redirect our route from that which You ordained for our lives and our generations in Jesus name.*
5) *Thanksgiving. Ps 16:6, Heb 13:15*
*Father of all flesh,*
– *We thank You for instituting this 3 Days Revival Program in Your ministry. We pray and also believe that lines have fallen to us in pleasant places and we receive a refreshing directly from Your throne room.*
– *Thank you Heavenly Father for giving us victory over attacks, over despair, over tribulations and challenges as Your children, as a Ministry, and as a people who are dear to You. We thank You for victory over these and many more evils plaguing our world today.*

– *We thank You for our lives and the grace to worship You in spirit and in truth. Thank you for our freedom in Jesus mighty name. Amen..*

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