Day 3 Prayer Points – February 2022 Fasting & Prayer

Hallelujah! Welcome to Day 3 of the ROSGMI 3 days monthly fasting and prayer spiritual exercise for February 2022. Here are prayer points for Day 3:

Theme: Faith And Unity

DAY 3:



HEB13:5. MT16:18. JN15:1-2.

  • Thank God for how far He has brought us knowing that He who brought us this far is faithful to see us through till the very end.
  • Thank God for His grace upon RoSGMI, for His promise to build His Church and that the gate of hell shall not prevail in Jesus’ name.
  • Ask God, the Divine Vinedresser to prune whatever needs pruning so that fresh growth and increase will characterise RoSGMI in Jesus name.
  • Ask for wisdom to retain and establish new converts. That they will be rooted and used of God in Jesus’ name.


ISA48:17. JER42:3&6. ROM8:14.

  • Ask for the grace to wait to hear from God before taking any action or step.
  • Ask for the heart of obedience to His guidance for everything to turn out well for us from now onward in Jesus’ name.
  • Pray that every form of stubbornness and act of disobedience be uprooted from our lives in Jesus name.
  • Decree that the door be shut against every unprofitable plan that is contrary to His will and purpose for our lives in Jesus name.


PS91:1. PS121:7&8. ISA54:17.

  • Thank God for divine protection for you and your household in the past and up till now.
  • Decree that as united members of RoSGMI, no one will walk outside of the “secret place” of the Most High. No one will walk outside divine cover because of sin and disobedience in Jesus name.
  • In unity, decree the Lord to be a wall of fire all around us such that no weapon of darkness will prosper concerning us in Jesus name.
  • Decree that whenever trouble and evil are raging, every member of RoSGMI and their loved ones will be far from such places in Jesus name.


GEN11:6. ISA8:18. 2PET3:9.

  • Thank God for the blessing of the family you belong to, both spiritual and biological.
  • Thank God for His promise to save the souls of members of your household in Jesus name.
  • Decree that according to His word your children and your generations to come are for signs and wonders in Jesus name.
  • Ask that love and unity preserve our household, as we get united in love let the blessings of unity be our portion in Jesus name.


JN15:1-2. EPH 4:13.

  • Thank God whose will and desire for us is to come to spiritual maturity in Him.
  • Thank God for His help in upholding us, pruning us where needed and for His commitment to helping us overcome obstacles on our path.
  • Ask that the eye of our understanding be enlightened to know and pursue the will of God in every area of our lives in Jesus name.
  • Ask that as we pray, fellowship and study God’s word, each of us will come to the measure of the fullness of Christ and be established in the faith in Jesus name.


2CHRO7:14. PS 126:1&2. ISA 42:22.

  • Thank God, the Landlord of Nigeria for the potential and resources in the country.
  • Pray that God will expose and terminate every economic and political devourer in Jesus name.
  • Ask God to restore every good thing that Nigeria has lost through corruption, wasteful leaders etc in Jesus name.
  • Ask God to dislodge every giant of corruption and nepotism in our nation in Jesus name.
  • In faith and unity as Nigerians, we ask that from henceforth, God selects leaders that will be our ambassadors with hearts of service for restoration of Nigeria in Jesus name.

7) Personal Requests

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