Day 3 Prayer Points – December 2020 Fasting & Prayer

1: Let’s sing Covenant keeping God. Psm.100:4-5
2: Let’s thank God for His mercy over the life of Apostle FOLORUNSO and her loved ones. Lam.3:22-23
3: Let’s thank God for His divine grace over all workers and ministers of ROSGMI. 1Cor.15:10
4: Let’s thank God for His divine security over every member of ROSGMI even in the midst of national insecurity. Psm.91:1-3
5: Let’s ask God for more of His presence in our lives, home, ministry and nation in Jesus name. Psm.16:11
6: Let’s ask God to perfect all that concerns Apostle FOLORUNSO and all genuine members of ROSGMI in Jesus name. Psm.138:8
7: Let’s ask God for the speedy performance of all His promises concerning Apostle FOLORUNSO and all members of ROSGMI for year 2020 in Jesus name. Jer.1:12
8: Let’s ask God to showcase His power against every enemy of Apostle FOLORUNSO and all members of ROSGMI before the end of this year in Jesus name. 1Jn.3:8b
9: Let’s ask God to make Apostle FOLORUNSO and all members’ joy full. That we will all cross into the new with fullness of joy in Jesus name. Lk.2:10
10: Let’s begin to thank God for answered prayers as we pray in tongues. 1Jn.5:14

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