Day 3 Prayer Points – August 2022 Fasting & Prayer

On the last day of our August fast, our focus will be on consecration, divine grace, children & grandchildren, restoration, Ikeja crusade and divine favour.

Here are prayer points for Day 3:


1) Consecration: (1 Cor 6:20; Rom 12:1)

  • Let us thank God for our salvation and for bringing us thus far in our spiritual journey with Him.
  • Thank God for choosing you according to His word in John 15:16.
  • Tell the Lord that your faith looks up to Him, and you will not fall by the wayside of life.
  • Ask the Lord to help you devote your life to Him daily.
  • Tell the Lord that by His power you will not fall for any satanic manipulations in the name of Jesus.
  • Pray that, according to His word in John 7:37b, you will continue to drink from the living water, which is our Lord Jesus.
  • Pray that every power mandated to dry up your spiritual strength will dry up by fire.
  • Let the power of God begin to arrest the spirit of laziness, procrastination and “I don’t care attitude”. Command them to loose you and go by fire in the name of Jesus.


2) Divine Grace: (1Cor.15:10. Dan.11:32b)

  • Let us appreciate the name of the Lord for His continuous grace and mercy over our lives.
  • Thank Him for the grace to be counted among the living in this new month.
  • Ask God for the enablement to work for Him, to serve Him, to finish strong and well.
  • Pray that, in this month of new beginnings in unity, the Lord will grant you the grace to love Him, love your neighbour, and also be loved in Jesus name.
  • Ask the good Lord to empower you by the Holy Spirit to preach His word with signs and wonders.
  • Ask the Lord for grace and divine direction and to make every good thing that looks impossible, possible.
  • Ask the Lord to give you special grace for long life in good health. 


3) Children and Grandchildren: (Psalm 127:3; Pro 10:22)

  • Let us bless and worship the Lord for the wonderful gift of children and for making us the beneficiaries of His heritage.
  • Let us pray for anyone still waiting for their heritage and reward from the Lord. Ask God to grant them the joy of parenthood. Pray that their quivers shall be full of them.
  • Let us pray that the fire of His protection be encamped around our children in their going out and coming in.
  • Pray that every arrow of the tongue-speaking sickness, waywardness, brain drain and destruction into the destiny of our children, fails. Command them to return to sender in the name of Jesus.
  • According to the word of God in Job 22:28, we decree and declare that the portion and place of our children will not be taken over by others.
  • The excellent Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon our children. The uncommon blessings of the Lord shall be their lot in the morning, afternoon, and night, at home, in school or wherever they find themselves.
  • Our children will not lose direction because of the happenings around them.
  • We pray that any wicked satanic personality mandated to kidnap and waste the destiny of our children wither and perish by the blood of Jesus.


4) Restoration: (Joel 2:25-26; Isa 41:18-20)

  • Let us thank God for this month of new beginnings in unity as we receive the anointing of restoration in the name of Jesus.
  • We thank God for His goodness, mercy, love and provisions over our lives and we command sevenfold restoration of everything the enemy has taken away from us.
  • By the blood of Jesus we shatter every covenant that gives the enemy an upper hand to take the blessings of God from our lives.
  • Let us pray and destroy every hedge the enemy has put around our blessings, in order to prevent us from receiving them in our lifetime.
  • We pray and command that all the damages done to our lives by the enemy be repaired in the name of Jesus.
  • We take back any of the possessions that we unknowingly misplaced, whether it be our joy, our health or our peace in the name of Jesus.
  • Lord by your power restore all the enemy has stolen from Nigeria, its wealth, its glory, and its peace in the name of Jesus.


5) Ikeja Crusade: (Psa 62:11; Matt 10:7)

  • Let us thank and glorify the all-powerful God for the manifestation of His power in all our previous crusades.
  • Let us commit the forthcoming crusade into God’s hands asking for open heaven with miracles, signs, wonders and salvation of souls in Jesus’ name.
  • Let us ask for favourable weather throughout the two days of the crusade in Jesus’ name.
  • Let us pray for our servant leader along with others ministering with her that the Lord will anoint them afresh and use them for His glory.


6) Divine Favour: (Ps 102:13; Pro 8:35)

  • Let us ask the God of favour to baptize us anew with His favour like a shield this August in Jesus’ name.
  • Let us pray that we will not labour in vain but rather by the mercies of God the works of our hands shall be established in Jesus’ name.
  • Let us declare that we shall be visited with His amazing favour and that every demonic plan to shame us be cancelled in Jesus’ name.

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