DAY 2 Prayer Points – October Fasting & Prayer

1: Sing glory be to God in the highest AMEN….

Let’s appreciate Our faithful God for His faithfulness and loving kindness over Apostle FOLORUNSO and all members of ROSGMI at large for keeping us safe and secured. Psm. 136:1-3

2: Oh God of Mercy, we ask for Your mercy over every member of ROSGMI. Please by Your Mercy send help to us collectively and individually in Jesus name. Psm. 46:1

3: Once again Father, we remind you of our Deliverance Retreat this Saturday and that major 4th Annual National Crusade. These programs, which you are very concerned about, will make huge impacts in the lives of Your children who have been waiting for such a time as this. Nay every lawful captive receive everlasting freedom. Our season of new wine has come now that the siege is over. Let your light shine now the storm is over. Let there be deliverance, miracles, signs and wonders that advertise your glory to the ends of the earth in Jesus name. Isa. 43:19

4: Eternal Father of all creation, we are grateful sparing our lives and counting us among the living. We will not depart the way we came but will fulfill our purpose on earth. Our hands are on the plow and we will not look back. We shall not be missing nor be represented on the day of our joy.  Your shekina glory will cotinue to radiate over us. We and our seeds and generations to come will make heaven in Jesus name. Amen  Psm. 20:1-4

5: Our faithful Father, the creator of all that was created, visit all Your children that are waiting on you for the fulfillment of your commandment to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. There shall be no bareness in our homes and our land. Barriers are now lifted and your blessings replace all blockades in Jesus name.

Are children will continually be sources of joy in our hearts and camps. Our quivers shall continually be full of them and they shall never put us to shame. We will never receive bad news about them in Jesus name. Gen. 1:28

6: God of glory please manifest Your glory over Your ministry ROSGMI in all our programmes and in the lives of all Your children in the ministry. Psm. 34:7-8


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