Day 2 Prayer Points – June 2023 Fasting & Prayer

Join us for Day 2 of our 3-Day Fast and Prayer Programme as we continue to soar to new heights in our spiritual journey.

Remember, your prayers have power! Each moment spent in communion with God is an opportunity for miracles to unfold and breakthroughs to manifest. So, seize the day! Share your fasting experience, encourage one another, and let’s witness the extraordinary work of God in our lives.

Stay strong, stay focused, and let’s keep pressing on as we soar to our NEXT LEVEL in Christ!


  1. Blood of Jesus: (Hebrews 12:24, Ephesians 2:12-13)
    • Covenant-keeping God, cleanse us by Your blood so that we and our loved ones can enter the next level of greatness You have prepared for us in Jesus’ name.
    • I declare that by the precious blood of Jesus, my children and I are marked for promotion, increase, growth, good health, and a sound mind in Jesus’ name.


2) Evangelism: (Acts 13:47, Acts 20:24)

    • Oh! Lord of our salvation, empower us to experience new levels of accomplishments as we proclaim Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior, to the world in Jesus’ name.
    • Release upon all of us in RoSGMI the anointing for soul-winning and for souls to abide, so that we may experience wholeness and launch into our next level in Jesus’ name.


3) Deliverance: Galatians 5:1, Romans 8:37 NIV

    • My God and Deliverer, by Your power, I and my loved ones are set free from every stronghold that holds us back. We break every chain of slavery and condemnation in Jesus’ name.
    • According to Romans 8:37, I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. Therefore, I move forward and enter my next level right now in Jesus’ name.


4) Favour: (Psalm 102:13, Hebrews 10:35-36)

    • According to Your promise in Psalm 102:13, my time has come to be favored. I reject stagnation. My loved ones, my children, and I are recipients of God’s favor in Jesus’ name.
    • Lord, remove every mark of disfavor from our lives and take us to our next level of signs and wonders in Jesus’ name.


5) RoSGMI’S Programme: (Ephesians 6:12, Job 5:12)

    • We pray against any power that hinders good results in RoSGMI. Let them be destroyed right now in Jesus’ name.
    • Oh! Lord, throughout the program of RoSGMI, frustrate and destroy every power working against Your plans and purposes for our members, hindering them from reaching their next level in Jesus’ name.


6) Servant Leader: (2 Thessalonians 3:2-3, Isaiah 54:17, 2 Samuel 7:10)

    • Let us ask for more of God’s strength and boldness for our dear Mummy, that the righteous hand of God continues to elevate her from one level of greatness to a higher one. Let it destroy every enemy waiting for her downfall in Jesus’ name.
    • Every man or woman, personality, or power assigned to monitor our Servant Leader’s achievements and next level, be destroyed in Jesus’ mighty name.
    • We come against every demonic power associated with her foundation, making way for God’s continuous manifestation upon her and her entire household in Jesus’ name.


7) Personal Request: (Matthew 21:22)

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