Day 2 Prayer Points – June 2022 Fasting & Prayer

Welcome to Day 2 of our June spiritual exercise. See prayer points for:


A: THANKSGIVING (Psa 100:4, Psa34:1)

  • Father on this second day of our fasting and prayers we enter Your gates and Your courts with thanksgiving. Thank you for loving us and teaching us the way of life which is to dwell and live together in unity. You have been ever faithful, You make it possible for us to be partakers of Your sumptuous table which You have prepared for us in the presence of our enemies.
  • Thank you, Father. You have promised to answer us when we call and that all we ask You today shall be done and given to us. In Jesus name
  • Father, we thank You because the gates of hell shall not prevail or withstand our fasting and prayers this month in Jesus name. Amen.


B: MARRIAGE (Mark 10:8, Gen2:24)

  • Father help us to work together in unity and harmony towards a shared vision and goal in our homes. Give us a mindset of unity that is tied to the truth in Your Word.
  • Father bring unity into our relationships. May our differences rather than separate us sharpen us to grow stronger in faith.
  • Lord bind us together in unity and use our differences to strengthen the bond of unity in our homes in Jesus name. Amen.
  • Father, You command Your blessings where there is unity. Rain down Your blessings in our homes. Let Your blessings be visible for all to see we serve a living God and glorify Your name in Jesus name. Amen.


C: CONSECRATION (John15:13, Prov 13:6)

  • Father in the spirit of unity please teach us how to be kind and selfless. Help us to show how much we love You by loving others the same way You’ve asked us to love.
  • Father, perfect us in unity, remove bitterness, pettiness, hatred, envy, jealousy, unforgiveness, gossip etc, from us. Let our lives be rooted in Your love individually and collectively so that only loving actions are seen in our lives.
  • Father shape our heart so that it longs to do what pleases You, draw us closer to You so that Your righteousness fills our hearts and we find it easy living in unity with one another. 


D: DIVINE SETTLEMENT (1 Peter 5:10, Num 27:7-8, Acts 12:11-12)

  • Father one of the blessings of unity is that You will settle us, today oh! Lord, arise and settle us.
  • Father, You united the daughters of Zelophehad to possess their inheritance. Unite us in our individual families to recover whatever that belongs to us in the hands of another in Jesus mighty name.
  • Father, You united the brethren to pray for Apostle Peter. Father in one accord we pray that you set free all those in missions held in captivity or living under threats. Deliver them all in Jesus name.
  • Father, we lift up our voices to You over our own Apostle and servant leader. Fight for her as You fought for Peter and settle her on every side in Jesus mighty name.
  • Father the Jews united with Esther and You settled them and delivered them. Father we unite and pray, deliver our nation from its oppressors and favour the cause of the righteous in Jesus name. Amen.


E: GOD’S GUIDANCE AND DIRECTION (Prov 3:5-6, Psa 37:5)

  • Let’s ask God to guide us in all our ways in this month of June. Pray that as we go out and as we come in, the Lord will lead us aright, we shall not fall into any danger, calamity or the evil traps of the wicked. Commit your spouses, children, and loved ones into the able hands of God to lead us in Jesus name.
  • Pray that God will guide and direct us in all decisions we have to make, be it in ministry, business, career, marriage, relationship, etc. That every decision we have to make will not be in error or lead to regret, rather it will bring blessings to us and not chaos in Jesus name. Amen.
  • Let us make this affirmation before God. “Father we declare we shall not lean on our own understanding, but in all our ways we shall acknowledge You, we shall accept Your direction and guidance because we trust in You. Therefore Lord, make straight every crooked path in our lives and destiny in Jesus name. Amen”.


F: ALL ROUND FRUITFULNESS (Gen1:28, Psa 90:17, Isa 32:15)

  • Declare that you are fruitful in your body, in your mind and in your spirit, in Jesus name.
  • Let’s pray and ask the Lord to pour on us the rain of the Holy Spirit causing us to prosper and flourish in all we do and establish the works of our hands in Jesus name.
  • Declare that spiritually, physically, materially, academically, financially, and maritally you will never know drought, you will never know famine and you will never know scarcity.
  • Prophesy that henceforth your wilderness has become a fruitful field and your fruitful field a forest in Jesus name.




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