Day 2 Prayer Points – July 2022 Fasting & Prayer

Give yourself wholly to God and intercede before Him for the second half of year with these prayer points.

Here are prayer points for Day 2:


1) GRACE: Psalm 84:11; Acts 11:23

  • Let us begin to thank God for His sufficient grace and mercy in our lives and ministry.
  • Let us ask God to rain on us and our household a new level of grace in this second half of the year.
  • Let us ask God to qualify us for what we are not qualified for in this new month.
  • Let us pray that we will not frustrate the grace of God upon our lives through pride, discouragement, or sin.
  • Let us cry to God for the grace to live in perfect peace.


2) HEALTH AND HEALING: Acts 10:38; Psalm 103:3; Exodus 23:25

  • Let us bless the name of the Lord for His healing power that is available for us.
  • Let us give thanks to God for giving us perfect healing through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.
  • Let us pray that the fire of God will destroy every existing sickness and disease the enemy has inflicted on us. We uproot them in Jesus name.
  • Let us pray that the Lord will restore the sound health that the enemy has stolen from us, and our families in this second half of the year.
  • Lord, according to Your word in Jeremiah 30:17, we command every evil personality afflicting our bodies with illness to die by the power in the blood of Jesus.


3) CHILDREN AND GRAND-CHILDREN: Psalm 8:1-2; Isa 8:18

  • Let us thank God for the lives of our children and grandchildren.
  • Lord, be a refuge for our children and grandchildren. Preserve and keep them by Your love in Jesus name.
  • Lord God, we ask that Your wisdom and understanding serve as the cornerstone of our children’s lives so they will seek You in everything they do.
  • Lord, we cancel every satanic influence over the lives of our children and grandchildren so that they may serve you.
  • Lord, release grace to train our children according to Your will. Let them be for signs and wonders.
  • Lord, frustrate and paralyze every wicked personality assigned to kidnap and derail the destinies of our children and grandchildren in Jesus name.


4) RESTORATION: Psalm 51:12; Joel 2:25

  • Lord, by Your mercy, restore all that we have lost in the first half of this year both in the ministry and in our lives.
  • Lord, restore to us the joy of our salvation.
  • Lord, restore our health, hope, faith, and love.
  • Lord, restore the lost glory of our nation Nigeria.
  • Lord, by Your mercy, restore to us all the enemy has stolen from RoSGMI and its members.


5) PROTECTION AND PRESERVATION: Psalm 145;20; Pro 18:10; Psalm 121:7-8

  • Let us thank God, the one who does not sleep or slumber. He is our shield and buckler.
  • Let us appreciate Him for the divine protection and preservation of our lives.
  • Lord, let Your glory be a defence for every one of us and our loved ones.
  • By Your power preserve and protect us and our loved ones from the wicked attacks of our enemies.
  • Lord, in this second half of the year and beyond, make us and our families unreachable, unstoppable, untouchable, and unconquerable in Jesus name.
  • Lord, let Your mighty hands always shield us from manipulations of the god of this age in Jesus name.


6) CHURCH AND RoSGMI: Matt 9:37; Psa 126:6

  • Lord, we receive by faith every soul we have witnessed to during evangelism in Jesus name.
  • Lord, by Your power, begin to add genuine souls to RoSGMI, and your Kingdom at large.
  • Father, You are the builder and husband of the church, unite Your body all over the world.
  • ·Lord, help our new converts to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Christ.
  • Let us decree by faith that every power that wants to waste our harvest should die by fire.
  • Lord, all the forces of darkness working against the growth of RoSGMI and the church of God be roasted by fire.
  • We decree all-round peace in our ministry and the church of God in the name of Jesus.



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