Day 2 Prayer Points – July 2021 Fasting & Prayer


*Day 2 – 6th July*
1: Redemption
 Sing 2/3 Choruses
– Lord Jesus , Our Redeemer
– The price You paid on the cross on our behalf made us permanent debtors, but You wiped them all away. We thank You.
– Through every tiny drop of Your Blood we are delivered, so we have come again today to say thank You.
– Lord Jesus, Your Father’s redemption plan has continued to work for us and our loved ones. It is because of this that we are not consumed, so we say thank You.
2: Forgiveness Col 3:13, Eph 4:31
– Merciful Father
–  We have sinned and fallen short of Your glory. We have failed You through our outbursts of anger, and unkindness towards others.  We ask for Your forgiveness through the precious Blood of Your son Jesus Christ.
– We make confession that though You gave us many guidelines in Your word, but we have kept malice with our brothers and sisters and done evil in Your sight, for this and many more, we have come to ask for Your forgiveness. Cleanse us through the Blood of Jesus.
– We plead the Blood of Jesus over every area of our lives that strife and anger have affected that sometimes keeps our breakthrough from manifesting
3: Curses & Foundations. – Gen 12:3, Ps 11:3
. Our Deliverer
– As You know Father, we have been plagued by the evil doings and ignorance of our forefathers. These transcending sins have kept us in bondage. Father we confess these sins and ask that the Blood of Jesus wipes us clean of them.
– In You Lord, old things have passed away and all things made new. We and our generations are free from the curses of the law. We will never again be entangled with this yoke of bondage.
– We pray that every type of bondage inherited from our families be broken as Christ has made us free.
4– Healing.
1Peter 2:24, Is 53:5
• Jehovah Rapha–Our Healer
– Jesus bore our sins in His body on the cross, therefore we are dead to sin, we are alive unto God. We make confession this day that by His stripes we are healed and made whole.
– According to Jesus’ promise that if we ask anything in His name & abide in Him & His words abide in us, it will be done for us. Therefore Father, we pray that the supernatural healing power in the Blood of Your son Jesus cleanses us in Jesus name.
– Father, Your word is medicine for our healing. We make decision and confession for our healing, we believe we have received through His blood.
5. Favour/Business
Deut 8:18, Exd 12:36
Faithful Father,
– It is your desire to bless and favour Your children daily. This 2nd day of Revival is not an exception…Visit us in Your mercy and grace to grant these desires of ours through the power in the blood of Your son Jesus Christ.
– We shall always remember what He did for us on the cross. We also know You are the one who gives us power to make wealth and helps us in our careers. Now father, we ask that You breath on every area of our livelihoods through that special divine power in the blood of the lamb.
– We ask that we be blessed in the city and in the country. We pray that because of our belief, even our enemies will favour us in Jesus name.
6. Ministry Direction
Isaiah 30:21
Psalm 24:7
Jeremiah 1:10
– Oh Lord our God
– We thank You for all that You do in us, with us and through us.
We bless You for leading us in the way we should go.
We acknowledge Your divine care and guidance over us; in fact, we appreciate You for Your daily leading in ROSGMI
_ We thank You for opening our eyes for where You are taking us to. We thank You for preparing us for the journey ahead, we pray You will continue to show us the way we should go.

_ In the time being Lord, we pull down every stronghold and power of darkness closing gates against us, we pull down evil powers and replace them with the power in the blood of Jesus.


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