Day 2 Prayer Points – April 2022 Fasting & Prayer

Praying and studying God’s word is important, especially in times of fasting.

Today, as we continue our 3 days of spiritual exercise, we encourage you to pray and feed yourself spiritually with His word.

Follow these guidelines to yield yourself completely to the spirit of God.


1. THANKSGIVING. Psalm 92:1; 1Tim 1:17

  • Let us lift up our hands and begin to appreciate the one and only wise God for day two of our monthly prayer and fasting program.
  • We thank You, Lord, for Your grace and mercies that have seen us through last month and for what You have in stock for us this month of April because we know that Your thoughts towards us are that of peace and not of evil to give us an expected end.
  • We thank you, Lord, for this month of resurrection. Thank You for the sacrifice of the cross for giving us victory over the devil and his cohorts.
  • Thank You, Lord, for always causing us to triumph in Christ Jesus.
  • Thank You for the ministry and for the life of the visioner. We give you praise oh Lord.

2. BLESSING OF UNITY. Psalm 133:3, 1Cor 1:10

  • The love of the Lord is our banner of unity as we continue to dwell in unity.
  • We pray oh Lord that You grant us the grace to love each other continually, and please Lord, command your blessing upon us all in the name of Jesus.
  • Teach us how to support and assist one another.
  • May we continue to be fruitful individually and collectively as a ministry. We will not have any form of barrenness in Jesus name.
  • Our going out and coming in is secured in God’s hand and may the Lord protect us from the evil of the land. John. 17:15
  • May the evil never be able to overrun or overcome us in the name of Jesus. Let the blessings of unity envelope us all.
  • Oh Lord may You establish us and give us what is due to us in this season.

3. HEALING AND HEALTH. Jer 33:6; Luke 13:11-12

  • Father, we thank You for the power of the Cross. Lord, we take advantage of the sacrifice on the cross for we know that the kingdom of God has many keys to open a lot of doors. Matt.16:19
  • Lord, we know that healing is our birthright so Lord we begin to claim our healing in every area of our lives, in our mortal bodies, in our businesses wherever we need healing.
  • By the mercies of God, we open every door the enemy has closed due to sin or disobedience on our paths in the name of Jesus. Doors of good health, doors of abundance, doors of breakthrough, doors of peace in the name of Jesus.

4. MINISTRY/CHURCH. Matt 5:14-16

  • Lord give Your church the grace to continually be a light to the world that is filled with darkness.
  • Let Christ be the image we reflect at all times and give us the grace to represent Christ on earth.
  • Lord grant us grace to continually go everywhere, for the gospel must be preached to the whole world.
  • Give us boldness and increase us on all sides.


  • The Lord shall do a new thing in our life this month. The lord will announce us and we shall sing a new song.
  • The Lord will cause our light to shine in a very special way.
  • The glory of the Lord will be obvious in our life. We and our loved ones will dine and wine with great men. Our gift will make a way for us in the name of Jesus.


  • As we prepare for election as a nation we pray that the good Lord will take charge of our preparation to perfect everything that concerns us.
  • Lord, may You elect leaders for us by Yourself. Let the forthcoming elections end in praise.
  • We pray for peace and safety in the East, West, North, and South of Nigeria.
    Lord put an end to every plan of the wicked concerning our nation
    we want to see the Nigeria of your plan come to pass for us.
  • Lord minister to our leaders by Yourself put Your fear in their hearts that they will lead us aright.
  • Lord please end the war between Ukraine and Russia and unite them again in the name of Jesus.


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