Day 1 Prayer Points – March 2024 Fasting & Prayer

Welcome to a month of mercy, miracles, and more at RoSGMI!

As we uphold our ministry’s sacred tradition, we invite you to join us in seeking deeper communion with God and embracing His boundless mercy.

This is a divine appointment to witness God’s mercy, seek His face, and receive His blessings.

Don’t miss a day!


1. THANKSGIVING: (PSALM 103:1-4, Colossians 2:6-7)

• Let us, with our hands lifted up, begin to bless God for our lives, children, loved ones, and all the ROSGMI members in Jesus’ name, Amen.

• Let’s bless God for another amazing time to pray and wait on Him. Thank Him for life, provision, safety, protection, divine grace, and favor. Thank God for all ROSGMI programs, including Lunch hour, evening service, marriage retreat, prayer retreat, GLB, God’s Battle Axe, Divine Daughters of Destiny, Conceiver, etc.

2. DIVINE MERCY: (Proverbs 28:13, Isaiah 30:18)

• Merciful Father, I come in humility, have mercy on me. Let Your mercy speak for me, my family, ROSGMI. May we enjoy Your divine mercy all our lives in the name of Jesus, Amen.

• Divine mercy of God, locate me now, take away sin and reproach, and make me a better person now and beyond in Jesus’ name.

• From today, I receive grace to live above sins and to live continuously under the grace of God in the name of Jesus.

3. DIVINE PROMOTION: (Psalms 75:6-7, James 4:10)

• I decree and declare, I receive divine promotion, from grass to grace. The works of my hands are blessed with the blessings of God in Jesus’ name, Amen.

• I am moving forward. By the divine mercy of God, everything I do and everywhere I go, I shall be announced for supernatural promotion in Jesus’ name, Amen.

4. SPIRITUAL EMPOWERMENT: (Colossians 1:11, Ephesians 3:17)

• Compassionate God, fill me afresh with Your Holy Spirit and power, in holiness and praise in Jesus’ name.

• Oh Lord, fill me with Your resurrection power. Let Your Holy Spirit take total control of all that concerns me, my children, Nigeria, and ROSGMI in Jesus’ name, Amen.


5. DIVINE PROVISION: (Luke 12:24, Matthew 7:11)

• In this month of divine mercy, I and my loved ones shall not beg for food. We shall live in plenty and be satisfied in Jesus’ name, Amen.

• Every satanic roadblock to hijack my success and for me to remain stagnant, Father destroy it and give me the wisdom to make wealth in Jesus’ name, Amen.

6. SERVANT LEADER: (Psalms 46:5, Proverbs 31:25-26)

• Oh Lord, in Your mercy, fulfill all Your promises made in the life of the Servant leader and all that concerns her in Jesus’ name.

• By Your divine mercy uproot and destroy everything You’ve not planted in the life of Apostle Folorunso Alakija and her household in Jesus’ name.

• Every satanic embargo laid over the Servant Leader’s life and her loved ones be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus.


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