Day 1 Prayer Points – July 2021 Fasting & Prayer

*Sing 2/3 choruses.*
– *Let us count our blessings one by one*
– *Let us appreciate God for His faithfulness*
– *Let us worship Him in the beauty of Holiness*
– *Through His grace, we are here once again to thank Him for His goodness. (Psm.100:4-5)*
2: *Mercy (Psm.51:2-11)*
– *Merciful God, we appreciate You because Your mercy is new every day.*
– *Thank You for blotting out our transgressions and remembered them no more*
– *As You purge us with hyssop, according to Your word, we shall be clean.*
– *Thank You for blotting out all our iniquities and creating new hearts in us*
– *Thank You for retaining us in Your presence and for renewing a steadfast spirit within us.*
3: *Divine Protection. Psm.18:16,14,45*
– *Our Shield and our Stronghold, we praise You for delivering us from evil ones who seek our lives.*
– *Thank You for hearing our voices and rising up to battle in our defense.*
– *Thank You for always scattering and vanquishing the foes on our behalf.*
– *Thank You for lighting our lamp and enlightening our darkness.*
– *Thank You for strength and empowerment to make our enemies submit to us in Jesus name.*
4: *Provision (Psm.103:5)*
– *Oh our Provider, Jehovah Jireh*
– *We remember and delight in all Your benefits in our lives and do not take them for granted.*
– *We bless and praise You for satisfying our mouths with good things that renew our youth like the eagle’s.*
– *Thank You for increasing us, for establishing us and multiplying us.*
– *Thank You for enlarging our coasts to the shame of the enemy in Jesus name.*
5: *Restoration (Joel.2:25-26)*
– *Oh God our Restorer*
– *We bless You Lord for Your loving kindness towards us.*
– *We Your children have suffered under the oppression of the enemy.*
*But as we have cried to You Lord, we have come to say thank You for restoration.*
– *Thank You for restoring the years the locusts have eaten in our lives, our homes, our buisnesses and all that concerns us.*
*Thank You Lord.*
6: *Children ( Psm.127)*
– *Oh God our Father who lives from generation to generation*
– *We bless You for giving us the fruit of the womb and giving them to us as our heritage, even as we are Your inheritance.*
– *Thank You for making them our delight even as we are Your delight.*
– *We appreciate You for using their presence in our lives to enlarge our coasts.*
– *We will continually have cause to come before You to thank You for making them our joy, our pride and not our shame in Jesus name.*
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