Day 1 Prayer Points – December 2020 Fasting & Prayer

1: Let’s sing: Psm.30:4
a: Covenant keeping God.
b: Kabiyesi re ka bio o si
2: Let’s thank God for all the souls saved during the last crusade. Jn.6:44
3: Let’s appreciate God for healing and deliverance during the last crusade. Psm.103:3-4
4: Let’s thank God for breakthrough and restoration. 2Chrn.7:14
5: Let’s thank God for His mercy and forgiveness of sins. Psm.103:3-4
6: Let’s thank God for the safety of people during the crusade. Psm.121:7
7: Let’s thank God for answered prayers during the crusade. Psm.65:2
8: Let’s thank God specially over His choice daughter Apostle FOLORUNSO for divine enablement. Phil.4:13
9: Let’s thank God for the outpoured of His anointing upon Apostle FOLORUNSO during the Crusade. Lk.4:18
10: Let’s thank God for seeing the last Month of the year 2020. Lam.3:22

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